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About Us

Company Overview:
Poladora is a single consolidated registry which allows registrants access to network of retailers in order to build their gift registry.

Why feel limited with their registry selection when registrants can have a single registry and have access to +30 stores with every type of product and at any budget level, be it home ware, furniture, wine, etc.

All their guests’ purchases will be consolidated and held as credit so that registrants can prioritize and have final say in what is ultimately bought.

Let Poladora help registrants get what they really want

  - Through Poladora create a single registry with any products from any of our partner retailers (including tableware, furniture, wine, spa treatments, etc.)
  - Register directly through the site
  - Registrants can notify their guests of their registry through their own personal site or guests can search on Poladora for their registry
  - All orders placed for registrants are maintained in the Poladora system; guests will be notified if registrants are holding gifts.
  - Once a purchase is made registrants will be notified of the gift and the purchaser; Poladora will also keep a record of all gifts and purchases
  - All purchases are consolidated and maintained on Poladora as a credit. Registrants choose at any point how they want to spend this credit at any member retailer
  - Poladora does not guarantee prices or products availability between the moment of purchase by guest and the moment when registrants decide to fulfill on their credit. Please see our page with recommendations on how to manage their registry
  - Their credit is valid for five years following their event date
  - Registrants can place orders for their gifts either through our website we will then transmit the order to the retailers and send registrants a confirmation with expected delivery date (timeframe may vary by retailer).

How does it work?

Registrants can:
  - Register directly through
  - Select their gifts from as many partner retailer as registrants would like and add them to their registry
  - Link their registry through a link they can send or publish on their own personal wedding website
  - Use their Poladora credit from the gifts purchased as they wish, when they wish at any partner retailer

Who are we?

Poladora was founded in 2012 by Stephanie Pirishis, a recent bride who was looking for options for wedding registries that would allow her to have more flexibility.  When she didn’t find what she wanted she set out to create it herself.  Jill Svoboda, a long time friend, formally joined Poladora in 2010 taking the leadership role to develop and extend Poladora's retail network.  Jill is a very active member in the Chicago community and has a great eye for china, glassware and linens.

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