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Where does the name Poladora come from?

Poladora literally means Many Gifts in Greek (Pola means many and Dora means gifts).  We believe that our name is a great representation of what we stand for; a lot of gift options for all tastes and budgets


What is special about Poladora?

Poladora is a consolidated registry which allows registrants to create a single registry while having access to all our partner stores.  This gives registrants the flexibility to choose from a large range of products and for all budget levels such as kitchen equipment, home ware, dinnerware, furniture, food, wine, and experiential activities.


Additionally Poladora is a consolidated registry, which means registrants have final say on which gifts they ultimately receive and when they get shipped.  When their guests purchase a gift the money is held as a credit, which registrants can choose to use at any time and for any item at any partner retailer. This way, registrants can avoid having incomplete sets of their dinnerware and will not have to deal with exchanging gifts.  Their credit is valid at any retailer in the Poladora network.


What is a consolidated registry?

A consolidated registry consolidates their guests’ purchases into a credit.  The credit is independent of the retailers and at any time registrants can choose to fulfill the products they want, or reallocate their credit towards higher priority items at any retailer.  No purchase is final until the registrants fulfill.


How does one select gifts to add to a registry?

Registrants can browse for items directly through  There, they can either search by retailer, brand or by product category.  On the product page registrants simply select the quantity they would like and click the “Add to Registry” button.


Can one change/add items to the list?

Yes, at any time registrants can login to their registry online and make changes.


How will the guests find the registry?

Registrants will have their own unique link which will be present on their personal wedding site or they can email the link to their guests.  Additionally, guests can search directly on the Poladora site.


How long is the credit valid for?

Their credit will be held for 5 years following their event date.  Poladora will send registrants reminders every 3 months of how much credit they have remaining.


How does one place an order?

Registrants can place their order either directly online.  Poladora will then transmit their order to the retailer and deduct the purchase amount from their outstanding credit.  Depending on the retailer it could take 2-3 days to confirm the purchase.


Can one track the order?

The retailer from which registrants place the order will send registrants all the necessary information in order to track it


What happens if the product arrives damaged?

Registrants should contact the store from which they ordered the item from immediately and report the damages.


Does it cost anything?

Registering through Poladora does not come at any additional cost to registrants or their guests.  A processing charge is only added for charitable contributions in order to cover our expenses.


What stores does one have access to?

Registrants have access to any store in the Poladora network.


Can one return/exchange gifts?

It depends, we respect each retailers return and exchange policy.  Once the order is submitted registrants will need to refer directly to the retailer in order to return/exchange gifts.


Can guests contribute cash?

Yes, if the registrant signs up for a Poladora gift card; once the guest purchases a gift card the value will be added to the overall credit.


When will gifts be delivered?

There is no standard answer for this as it depends on the retailer and item.  See each individual retailer’s shipping policy


How can one make changes to their account?

Registrants can edit their profile online at any time. 


How does one know who has offered a gift?

As soon as a guest offers registrants a gift we will send registrants an email notifying them of what has been purchased, by whom as well as any message guests may have included.   Every week we will send registrants a recap of what has been purchased to date. 


Can one have separate/multiple delivery?

Yes, at anytime registrants are ready to use their credit by purchasing the desired items through the website.


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